ashley cole

Nominated by Juliana Beegan


Where was this person born?

Asheville, NC

Why is this person a hero to you?

Ashley works at a Community Outreach Coordinator for Smoky Mountain in Asheville. She has a heart of gold and endless compassion toward everyone and everything. She spends her time traveling around Western North Carolina teaching mental health first aid to teachers, police, firefighters and other professionals. She is an advocate for many people who don't have a voice: victims of abuse, individuals with mental health issues and individuals with developmental disabilities. She played a big hand in helping to establish one of the first mental health urgent cares in the state of North Carolina!
Peering into her professional life it is clear to see she pours her heart and soul into her work within our community. Even surpassing her impressive professional investments, however, is her dedication to her family. I have witnessed first hand the kind of nurturing kindness that she endlessly provides to her son, Cole (a 4th grader at Evergreen). She is also a devoted daughter, sister and friend. I have grown to view her as a role model in so many ways. Ashley literally makes our mountain community a better place, just by shining her light and love.

Do you know any stories about this person's childhood?

Even when she was younger she was an advocate for the underdogs! In high school and middle school she would always leave her class to help out in the EC classrooms. She would even go out of her way to sit with EC students at lunch just so they wouldn't feel left out.