Evergreen's Band program is designed to give any student  from 5th-8th grade the chance to learn to play and read music in an ensemble setting. Concert band includes woodwinds (flute and clarinet), brass (trumpet and trombone) and percussion (snare and bell kit). The Howling Winds Concert Band and Beginning Band are run though the EverAfter program, on a semester schedule (January-June and September-December). The cost of each session is $200, plus the cost of renting/purchasing an instrument. This fee pays the cost of attending EverAfter on the day the club runs, and participation in the semester long band club.


Thursdays from 3:45-5:15

Students interested in learning to read and play a wind or percussion instrument should start with beginning band.  No experience reading or playing any instrument is required!!! In an ensemble setting we learn to read rhythm, pitch, and play our instruments with proper technique and expression.

Howling winds concert band

Tuesdays from 3:45-5:15

Students who have been through at least a semester of our beginning band program can audition to join the Howling Winds Concert Band.  We will begin to move out of our method book and focus on more challenging, multi-part ensemble music as well as developing better techniques and solo performance skills for individual instruments.


(1) Register your child(ren) for EverAfter!  

(2) Register for Band, using the form below.

(3) Rent your instrument!

Payment and rental information will be provided in a confirmation email that will be sent to all registered families.

To join band, you must be registered for EverAfter. To register, visit the link above. Once you are registered, you can sign up for band using the form below.
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Howling Winds Concert Band is for students who have had at least one semester in Beginning Band, and are ready for a bigger challenge. Beginning Band requires no experience. Just a desire to learn. Bring your instrument, method book, and learn to play!