billy jonas

Nominated by Mindy Beller


Where was this person born?

Chicago, IL

Why is this person a hero to you?

You probably know lots of Billy Jonas songs or have seen him in a concert around Asheville. He is a musician for children and adults and he performs in Asheville and all over. His music makes people really happy. Everyone in the audience gets to be part of his music. He makes his instruments from recycled materials and his songs are interesting and happy.

Do you know any stories about this person's childhood?

Billy learned to play piano at five years old, guitar at eight, trombone at ten. He knew from early on that he wanted music to be a big part of his life, but he wasn’t sure it would be a career until it started to be. He grew up in Chicago. Many people in his family have been extremely musical.

Is there anything else we should know about your nominee?

Billy has been at the heart of childrens' music scene in Asheville for a long time. But his music is more than just music. His kids' music and adult music helps people connect to their spirits!!!