Winter Writing Zachary Kareken

Winter… a season of mixed emotions, a time of rest and sleep, a time of Christmas cheer and a warm fire in your home, a time to reflect on the year before. I am going to say it out loud I am not a blog writer, I never was. I would much rather be writing an apocalyptic story about nature and a guy stuck in the middle of it. But I am not doing that on a blog. Sleep is a transition that all creatures make in winter. A time of sleep and rest for all, a beautiful thing. I picture it as a winter wonderland with a cave in the back a nest of birds in the trees and a wolf trekking across the ground. It is one of my favorite things to go outside in the snow and see the beauty of the hibernating world. Christmas time is also coming along with the New Year, and everybody is going around buying presents, trees, and god knows what. I occasionally wonder if the animals have a kind of Christmas. In their little special places they call home in a hole 6 feet under or in a tree high in the sky. Whatever the case I think it would be interesting. In Christmas I am usually at home, rephrase I am always at home and that’s giving me time to think what my Christmas is about. For me Christmas is not about getting presents and games, it is about home. What does home mean to you; to me it is about being with friends and family. A place that you love and care for and have family that loves you. To me Christmas is time to be with your beloved home.

Occasionally I like to picture myself on a winter balcony and that is perfect for where I’m going. At school I often feel like the “bad kid” a kid that everybody hates. I feel so bad about it, I mean if it weren't for my friend Adam I wouldn't know all the gossip about me. He told me a kid said they wanted to strangle me. He also said that they think I’m, well weird. I also see it in my own eyes, the way they talk and act around me, it hurts me. I picture myself on the balcony in the snow, either smiling to have escaped it, or bursting into tears in desert.

Winter has lots of mixed emotions like I said. Happy of Christmas sad for a new year of hardship. But time must go on, you cannot get left behind. All the animals’ steal into the nests waiting for the New Year. Winter worm’s our hearts and has us reflecting on our past and we let time carry us through the future.


“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”