About This Blog

While visiting the East Asheville Library, I noticed that glue traps were used in the bathrooms of the Parks and Recreation building next to it.  Glue traps are extremely inhumane devices that cause huge suffering to animals caught in them.  I wanted to do something about this, so I made it my service project for Environmental Education class.  I wasn't able to figure out how it would count as service to Evergreen until I remembered Marin talking to me about helping her with her Environmental Ed website.  I am going to create a series of articles/blogs/pages about humane animal control and other topics on the EE website.  The purpose of these articles will be to educate and inform people about animal rights and also talk about some other environmental issues in relation to that.  I will be posting once a week, possibly more frequently.  I look forward to people reading my articles and giving any feedback they have!

From Perrin