Why are we destroying our planet? Do we even notice what we are doing? I have seen beautiful valleys become factory sites, trees torn down just to make a sidewalk. Why are we destroying our mother? She gives us so much and we take all of it with greed.

    Humans are so greedy, doing anything to get their way and forgetting what they leave behind. A trail of torn up soil, trash littering our footsteps. We are scaring the earth, leaving holes too big to fill. Saying it’s best for the society does not change the way we do things, it only makes our doing lies. We are killing the earth… it is slowly disappearing, crumbling piece by piece, while we grow our economy, we are devouring the earth, we are devouring our home.

    I will be in the car driving home from school and I swear, almost every day, I see a motionless animal lying on the side of the road, and every time I have to look away, afraid of what I see. My mother was driving into town and do you know what she saw lying on the side of the road? A dog, tell me that doesn't strike you right in the heart? Think of it like this, Society is the car and the dog is the earth. Destroying, devouring, killing.

    We as humans have a responsibility to keep. We are the protectors. We are the leaders of the pack and right now we are leading the pack the wrong way. We should always put our home first, before products and money. We were made here and we are forgetting to say thank you. Those two words can do a lot, being thankful for what we have and not greedy for what we want.

    Greed is what is devouring our earth, its the dark hole that destroys anything in its way. Greed is what blinds us from what we are doing to our home, our mother, our earth. Greed is hard to defeat, like a puzzle with a missing piece .  The problem  that keeps appearing no matter which way you turn, we are forgetting to be thankful for what we have. Those two words, thank you, can open up your eyes. Be thankful for our home because it’s the only one we have.