Field to Feast After School Club 2014-2015

Field to Feast engages students with holistic process of growing, harvesting, preparing and eating food.  We work in Evergreen's garden to learn basic gardening skills as well as in our kitchen classroom, where we explore ways to prepare, then eat, what we harvest.  In addition to working in and using ingredients from our own garden, we expose the students to what is grown locally on a more regional scale.  Through our partnership with FEAST (Fresh Easy Affordable Sustainable Tasty), we are able to supplement with ingredients from local farms on a regular basis, emphasizing the importance of connecting to and supporting our local farms and farmers. The Field to Feast curriculum is a part of Evergreen's Environmental Education programming that focuses on connecting youth with food at its source, to understand its journey to our plates and, most importantly, to learn to appreciate good food and have the skills to choose and prepare foods to feed themselves in healthy ways.

With support from the James G.K. McClure Education and Development fund, Evergreen is able to continue to teach the Field to Feast curriculum throughout the 2014-15 school year.  Thank you for your support!