Field to Feast: Food & Farmers, Week 1

During session 2 of the Field to Feast class we will be exploring where our food comes from and who grows it.  Of course this will include learning about how to grow it ourselves and what to do with it once we've got it.

Day 1:  Today began by asking ourselves the question, "Can we name where every item in our lunch box began its journey?"  To help us better answer this question we headed off on an adventure to tour Hickory Nut Gap Farm.

I can learn about how the food I eat is grown and processed before it makes its way to my plate.

Our tour at Hickory Nut Gap Farm was led by Hallie, who was full of great information about how different types of food is planted, grown and harvested.  We began with an exploration of meat by visiting the cows in the pasture.

tour HNG

cow HNG

When we entered the pasture, Walker, the farm manager, called us over to meet one of the newly born calves.

baby calf HNG

His nose was very soft.

We also visited the chicken coop and talked about the difference between chickens raised for egg laying and those raised for harvesting for their meat.

The students were curious observers.

Finn & Fish

Scout & Chickens Gloria & chicks

We explored berries of all different types and talked about how they grow and what challenges different crops are faced with.  While out near the berry patches a student discovered this plant:


Asparagus!  Most of our students had never seen an asparagus plant before.  It's beautiful and looks nothing like the plant that we are used to eating when it is mature.  Scout found this little sprout nestled beneath the rest of the more mature plants.  I took a picture of it, then we ate it :-)

Although we didn't get to meet the pigs, the students decided they thought it would be a good idea to purchase some pepperoni from the Hickory Nut Gap store to put on our pizzas we'll make on Friday.

Thank you Hallie and Hickory Nut Gap Farm for the wonderful visit!

Day 2: Creating our own pops from the garden!

I can create delicious and nutritious things to eat from the garden.

Students spent today harvesting, cutting, measuring and blending to create their own ice pop recipes.

Ice Pop Journal Page

Yogurt, lemon, mint...

Gadiel & Emily

Watermelon, lemon, mint...

Gloria & Scout

Lemon balm, basil, mint, blueberry..

 Reggie & Finn

We realized that the flavor combinations are endless, but that the space in the freezer is not.  But  how will they taste?  We'll try them out on Thursday!

Day 3:  The Lord's Acre

Today we visited The Lord's Acre in Fairview and explored what it means to be a "Giving Garden".  The Lord's Acre does a variety of things to make fresh, organic produce available to everyone in their community.  We talked about what a "food desert" is and how it is possible that even though there is so much fresh food everywhere (it seems), that not everyone has access to it or can afford to buy it.

I can learn how to grow and harvest food that I enjoy to eat.

talking with Susan

It was really fun to see many varieties of plants that we had never seen or tasted before.  This is a beet that looks like a peppermint candy inside!

Peppermint Beets

And this is how you harvest carrots...

harvesting carrots-group

harvesting carrots-Reggie

all our wonderous carrots

Thank you, Susan, for sharing The Lord's Acre with us!

We LOVE carrots, especially purple ones!

Day 4:  Ice Pop Taste Test

I can use a variety of fresh ingredients to create and prepare recipes.

a variety of flavors

enjoying the pops 1

enjoying the pops 2

ice pop