I'm Just a Kid

There’s nothing wrong with nature today. All the leaves are on the ground, but that’s just Winter. The past few days have been very warm, which I enjoyed very much. I don’t know if I should have enjoyed it because I don’t think it’s natural to be 70 degrees in February. I don’t know if it’s an effect of global warming or not. I don’t know if global warming really even exists. For all I know, everything that is supposedly an effect of global warming, are just coincidences. I’m not an adult, and I’m not yet my own person.

I’m twelve years old. I think what my parents think, and I learn what my teachers teach me.  So I can not say whether global warming is real or not, or whether or not stopping the use of cars is the solution. People believe what they want to believe, but the truth is, I am not the only person who doesn’t know. People all around the country have different opinions. Nobody will ask my opinion, because I’m just a kid.

By: Malina Japp