Nature Writing

The other day I went to sit in the woods for the first time in awhile. The woods were very quiet, but I could hear birds chirping and squirrels running around. I guess it was just so peaceful that it seemed quiet. I just stayed in the spot where I was sitting for awhile just listening to the sounds of animals. I started to get sleepy so got up to walk around to wake me up. As I started to get up, I saw a groundhog right there in front of me. I started to walk closer to it, and I thought it was going to run away, but it just stayed there and watched me walk closer and closer. Once I got to the groundhog i went to touch it. I was very surprised that it didn't run away, he or she just seemed to like me petting it. After I was done petting it, I went and walked away to go see what else I could find or look at that was interesting. I turned around and walked and walked in one direction. After I had been walking for a long time, I started to hear water flowing, so I kept walking in that direction. Then I heard the water really close to me. I felt like it was below me. To get there I had to go through a way that didn't seem like it was a trail. Once I exited that trail I saw a big waterfall right there under me. So went down there to go just sit down and watch the water to see if anything cool would happen. I stayed there for about 30 minutes. I let the mist of the waterfall hitting my neck, it was a little cold. I saw that it started to get late and dark out side so I turned around to walk back home.