Living in a Global Village

Last Friday our seventh grades took their science and math classes outside in Evergreen's Peace Garden.  Community partners Buzz Durham, Price Hulin and Bob Anderson helped us to better understand the resourcefulness and hard work many people must employ all around the world to grow food and access clean water to support their daily nutritional needs. Students learned to make biochar and how it is used to enhance the nutrients of soil.  They flipped old tires to make container gardens, then mixed soil (native soil + compost+ sand + biochar) to fill the containers.





Students built raised beds, cleared the garden of debris and prepared potatoes for planting.

Naster, VanLandingham


Why today matters? by Luce Mele

 "Today was a lesson in what it takes to use what you have to survive in a resourceful way. To be a Global Citizen you must your knowledge to selflessly help people around the world.  I feel that today's skills are very useful to know even for our own  homes.  Another lesson of today was recognizing the great privilege we have. I was surprised how much you can accomplish with some tires, cardboard, mulch, corn and an old melee oil  drum." 



Thanks to these AWESOME community partners, Price (check out Price's farm at Terra Preta Farm), Bob and Buzz!






And to these incredible parent volunteers, thank you!