The wind rustled the leaves of the towering tree above me. I sat at the edge of a large field, my eyes fixed on a wolf standing in the distance. His extravagant beauty and power made clear by his assertive posture and his flawless appearance. The sun hit his back and set it ablaze with an astonishing glow. In an effort to get a better look, I shift and a twig shatters under my weight. The wolf froze and wiped around to face me; its black eyes staring into my sole. The wolf turned around and sprinted for the far side of the field. I smiled and ran back to my cabin.

I returned the next day to see if the wolf had come back. Indeed he had. He was perched on his rock in the middle of the field. I was surprised but didn't hesitate to get a better look. I managed to get just feet from the wolf and it’s beauty. The wolf turned its head and faced me yet again. It froze and stared at me for a good couple of seconds before bolting for the edge of the field. Then a sinister thought crossed my mind, he’s alone, where is his pack?

A lone wolf I thought to myself as I walked home. I vised the wolf over the next few of weeks, getting closer to touching it every time. One day I came to the field; the wolf was on the rock. I walked slowly and came the closest I had ever come. I was just inches from the wolf. I stretch out my hand to touch him, and my hand came into contact with the wolf’s soft head. A shot rang out. The wolf fell down to the ground blood gushing out of the gaping wound in his body. The wolf was dead. I collapsed on top of him. My tears ran down my face like a running river. My heart snapped in two.

I realized what happened to his pack. They had suffered the same fate. I struggled to stand and wipe my tears away. I lifted the wolf in my weary arms and carried him home. I buried him on a Saturday. His blood still stained my hands.

In the evening I walked up to the cliff overlooking the field where I first saw him. I spotted something shiny on the ground. I bent down the pick it up. As I held it in my hands, I realized I had the killer, a 308 caliber round from a high powered rifle. Who are we? How could we humans kill such a beautiful animal? We are monsters.