My Glimpse At The Natural World

Some people may think i’m not to much of a nature person. Nature is barely evolved in many peoples lives. Of Course there is a large number of people who do go out in nature as much as possible and it plays a huge role in their lives, but there's also a large number that don't. Technology these days basically is in control of the world. If you think about it, it would be close to impossible to go even a day without using some type of technology. In fact, it would!

I used to live high up in the woods, in a little cabin surrounded by nature. When I was younger, I would roam around the forest exploring everything that was offered. I discovered hidden tiny streams, insects I had never seen before, and even simple things some people may think is strange. For example, how fast can I climb to the top of a steep hill. These things played a really important role in my life, and even if times have changed and i'm not that girl anymore, nature be still always be apart of me.

A lot of people these days are so involved with how people think we should live that they tend to forget about natural pleasure of nature. Also, most of us are so busy we don’t even have time to go explore the natural world. Our society is mainly basically based off of education. So working very hard in school is very important. In my experience, homework and school work are my first priorities. Same goes for adults, their work comes way before going outside to prance around in nature. All of this is just common sense, how we run things these days is way different than what was going on thousands of years ago. This is just the world we live in now, but it doesn't mean people shouldn't have anything to do with the outdoors. Nature is a beautiful place, and we should all try to have it the most involved in our lives as we can.

In my life, there is a lot going on. People may assume i'm not much of a nature person. But really, its not because I don't love nature, its because I have a lot of things to do. I'm so involved with what the world is like now, I admit I also just sometimes forget how amazing it is to be out exploring the natural world.

It seems to me that we take advantage of our access to nature. We can step outside to see beautiful mountains, breathe the frosty winter air, and more importantly, feel at home. Not home as in just a house, but home as in a place we feel comforted and at peace. Asheville to me is a place that I feel is home. No matter where I go, i will always feel that it is my home. There are parts that look conventional city type, and then there are the parts the look like a wondrous world of mountains and trees. The meaning of home could be different for everyone.