Nature Aurelia

by Aurelia
I am a girl that loves to be free. Every day after school I go and I take a hike through the woods behind my house.  There is a special spot where I love to sit and do my homework.
 On November 1st the snow was falling very heavy, so it was hard to see.  As I went out for my daily walk, I had almost gotten to my spot when I stopped in my tracks.  A big grizzly bear was lurking in the woods about ten feet from where I was standing.  I felt bad for the bear; he was so skinny and looked as if he hadn’t eaten for weeks, maybe months.
 So I went back up to my house and did some research, and the area I lived in was a place that was hard to find food.  The next day after school, I went down to my spot with a piece of paper and a pencil, and I saw the bear again.  I started to draw him. When I was done, I sat there and I looked at him for a while.  He looked so strong and pretty as he stood there in the snow.  I reached in my pocket and found some tuna that I had left over from lunch.  When I looked back up the bear was head on five feet away, I felt the sweat start coming down my neck.  I tossed the left over tuna at him and slowly backed away.   When I was far enough I away made a run for it.  I finally got home and I went to the fire place. I felt woozy then, everything went blank.
I saw myself in the woods again.  I was cold the bear was there.  He was talking to someone.  I hid behind a tree. I was grasping a low branch right where my head was.  I was holding it so hard my knuckles were white.  Snap! the branch fell and the bear growled.  Now I was shaking in my boots, I was so cold my hands had frost bite.  I peeked around the edge of the tree and they weren’t there.  When I was pulling my head back around, the bear was on his hind legs letting out a big roar, I screamed.
 I woke up on the cold stone beside the fire place, and a feeling of relief came over me.  I got on my boots and went on a walk.  I looked around, but the bear wasn’t there, I sat down and remembered the time I had come down and connected with the bear.  I sat there and waited and waited and watched the snow fall.
Author's Note
The genre I picked was a short story, and the reason I choose it was because I wanted to entertain the reader.  Also I wanted to educate the reader on how animals and nature a great part of live, and to let it live its own life and not to hurt it.  How would you feel if some giant killer comes and blows up your home, then walks off and does it again to someone else.
I picked to write a short story because I love to entertain people.  Short stories a fun way to express my feelings to others.  About nature and how the most dangerous bear but can have feelings for others and really connect with them.
The way I am able to tell that this is a short story because the story is fiction and it’s there to entertain the reader.   Another way you can tell is that the girl gets five feet away from the most dangerous bear, the grizzly.  Grizzly bears a type of bear that has been reported for many vigorous attacks.  That would be hilly dangerous to be that close to one.
I liked putting a grizzly bear with a girl because they really show character and the many connections they might have.  Nature is very similar to use and we have to let it live a free life that isn’t crushed by humans.