Nature Boy by Zachary

I have always been a nature boy. When I was two I want rafting down the French Broad River and got a face full of water and yelled, “do again do again”. I have been rafting and kayaking ever since, and I love the beauty and nature of the river. Recently, I saw two great blue heron, and they are really the definition of beauty and grace. I have also been to a place called the Boundary Waters. To this day the most beautiful and nature filled place I have been. My favorite part of nature is the animals. I love the white tailed deer, giant alligator snapping turtles and my favorite, the fish. I love fishing, the day I caught a 24” to a 27” pike was one of the best days of my life. the calmness of the Boundary Waters and its nature is amazing. After a rainstorm a lavish rainbow peers out from behind the clouds and the sunset at the end of the day is one of the most calming and beautiful things I have seen. Nature is my love and my