Nature Writing Spring

Everyone needs the air. As I sit in the woods I begin to pay attention to my breaths. In and out I take from the world, and I give back. When I inhale I only borrow the oxygen I take and with my exhale I trade it for carbon dioxide. This swapping of air is the trade of life I guess. The thing that gives us life is only a gift, a gift we take for granitite with every inhale and exhale. You have heard about deforestation some way or another but do you care is the question? In your head you might say well of course but when honestly was the last time you thought about it? If you're like me hearing about things like deforestation is tiring after a while. We all know it’s bad but it doesn't appear to be affecting YOUR environment or life. When the value of an exchange is out of balance the outcome is out of balance. Seven billion lungs fill themselves with air as you read this and the trees breathe in our exhale. We all know that without trees we can't breathe yet we still continue to chop down our source of life. If you can’t find a reason to care about the other effects of deforestation, care about its effect on your life.