Protecting our Trees

As I sit here trying to take in the fresh new air of spring, I notice a stump. It’s all beaten up like it is trying to resist the ax that cut it down. Why? I whisper under my breath.  How could someone look at a beautiful strong, majestic tree and all they can see is the money that they will have after they hack it down. How can people know that we are losing our precious oxygen by losing our precious trees, but yet we still chop them down to make products and paper. But by the end of the day our “stuff” won't make us happy if we're not alive to enjoy it. How can someone see all the animals living in this amazing tall beauty, and not even care that when they're chopping down this tree that they're destroying something’s home. why do people not even notice that these leafy, strong, trees have given this world so much but all we do in thanks is chop our forests down. I sit here astonished and angry wishing people could see how we're destroying our world.  I hope the world will wake up and see it soon so our forests will not be in danger.