Just a few days ago I couldn't wait for the  lazy days of summer. They seemed so close with the sun on my face and the growing warmth within me. All of a sudden this warmth was gone. It was cold again; the wind once again whipping into my face. The images I had of pink flower petals whirling around my head, and bright green leaves beginning to grow, were gone. Now all I see are the dead rotting leaves around me and the magnificent oaks hiding from the biting wind bare and unprotected. But yet there is some sort of beauty within itself. Almost like it is reflecting on the years it has been alive. Reflecting on everything it has learned and been through the last year.

     These trees are waiting, frozen in time just waiting for warmth to be forced into their huge trunks and to be awakened. They are waiting for a new time and a new beauty to take over and to create a breathtaking landscape. These observations of mine have reminded me of the amazing times I have had this year with all of my friends and all of the rough times. They have reminded me of all of the easy times and every challenging thing I’ve been through this year. It gave me time not to only think about and reflect on the forest but also on humanity.

    I thought about the peacefulness of nature and our rough destructiveness humanity. I thought to myself how are these two things that are so different, yet they can’t survive without each other. When will humanity realize these things and stop destroying the only thing keeping them alive? I tried to answer these questions on my own and I came to the conclusion that there is no answer now. Humanity will accept this fact of life only until their own lives are at the utmost risk of death.