Sowing Seeds Enhances Education

Spring has arrived and the garden becomes, once again, a classroom and teacher.  Seeds that are sown, germinate and grow.  Perennials that lay dormant for the winter begin a new year of growth. In a matter of weeks, the space transforms from a well hunkered-down series of beds, all tucked in with straw for their winters nap, to a place thriving with growth, providing habitat for all kinds of creatures, including little humans, like these ones. garden life cycle journaling2

2nd graders spent their Environmental Education class this week looking for evidence of life cycles in the garden.  Thanks to the abundance of plant life, from the spring green pea sprouts to the nooks and crannies of the trees and shrubs, there was much to explore and lots of evidence was found.


I want to take this moment to...

...thank our amazing teachers for designing creative curriculum that includes time and space for learning adventures that use our outdoor learning laboratories as classrooms and teachers.

...appreciate our students for their unending curiosity and appetite for adventure.  Seeing the world through their eyes brings wonder and grace to my life daily.

...celebrate our partners, especially Sow True Seeds, for their ongoing support of the building of our Earth Garden as a thriving life laboratory where we can all teach, learn and feel our strong, and absolute connection to nature through food and the beauty and biodiversity of a garden.

A big shout out of thanks to all of you who have supported our "Selling Seeds not Candy" campaign - it has been a huge success so far!  By purchasing your seeds this season from Sow True Seeds and using our GrowEvergreen2015 code, Evergreen receives 30% of the purchase.  There's still about ONE MONTH left and it's still a great time to purchase mid-summer season seeds like corn, beans, squash, okra, etc.