As I sit here in the forest, I can see that a lot of the trees are bare and all of the pine trees have green needles, except for one. All of the needles are the color of red clay. As I sit here and try to imagine all the crazy things that happen in nature, I can't even comprehend them all. Even though it’s really cold out here, I can tell that winter is leaving us and spring is coming. What once was a cold and dry place will soon be a warm and lively habitat for all the animals and humans in Asheville. Hopefully it doesn't rain all spring and summer like it did last year. Hopefully it's a sunny and occasionally rainy spring. The chipper mix of rain and shine makes for great flowers and soft grass that I anticipate playing in, and hopefully everyone else does too. Spring is one of the best and most exciting times all year. Most of the plants and crops grow in this time which means fruits and vegetables are extremely good. Ah, spring.