Spring Around the World

Back at my sit spot in the new, fresh spring air. The cold air still nipping at the back of my neck and hands. Spring is a new start for me and the rest of nature. Leaves starting to fill up the once empty tree branches. Little buds of the yellow daffodils popping out of the cold, wet ground. There are many problems in our world. I never knew how hard it really was for somebody to get a drink water or go to the bathroom. These are all things that I as an American can do without a problem. In places like Africa and Libya some people have to walk several miles and have to carry it back for the whole family. For many young girls in these places this is their job every day. I read that some girls have to get water before they go to school. My only “job” now is to pour a glass of orange juice and go to school. I complain about going to school, when for children in Africa it is a privilege to go to school.

Dirty or contaminated water is the worlds largest health risk, and continues to have an effect worldwide. This is not a problem for anybody in my school. In the whole world 884 million people do not have access to clean water. More and more people are dying from diseases that are easily cured like diarrhea and malaria. More than four thousand children die before the time they turn five. We in America have the ability to clean our water and reuse it. We have knowledge, money, resources to help other people who needs help. There are organizations that help bring resources and money to build things like pumps and wells for communities around the world. There are organizations like WaterAid (www.wateraidamerica.org) that are doing these things for people, but they still need our help. All you have to do to help is to donate a little bit, because only a little bit goes a long way. Websites used: www.wateraidamerica.org http://www.nrdc.org