Sowing True Seeds- a story about a few determined 5th grade entrepreneurs

A small group of fifth grade Student Supported Agriculture leaders have been working diligently through the snow, ice and rain to nurture our first Evergreen Peace Garden entrepreneurial adventure. prepping flats

planting seeds3

These determined kiddos have worked hard every day at recess to plant seeds, water them and manage our hoop house to keep things warm  and dry.

Check out these DIY seed warming tables two of our awesome parent volunteers built.  They've worked beautifully!

seed warming2


Their hard work has paid off! Little sprouts have grown into sturdy plant starts and tomorrow we'll sell our first batch of plant starts back to Sow True Seeds for them to sell at The Organic Growers School this weekend.

Starts Are Ready round 1-1 Starts Are Ready round 1


Thank you Sow True Seeds for this AWESOME opportunity!  And, thank you to these amazing students for their hard work and careful attention.

To purchase plant starts from Sow True Seeds, follow the link to their website to find out their selling locations or visit their store at 146 Church Street in downtown Asheville.