A Winters Day Reflection, by Gaven

         I have returned to my sit-spot after a long break. I have come to feel the cold air and the presence of nature. The small plant that was starting to grow is gone. All that is left is a small twig sticking out of the ground. The leaves long forgotten. The luscious green plants that once surrounded me are replaced by branches sticking out of the leaf strewn ground. The air has changed to let in the smell of winter, sharper, crisper. The leaves crinkle when I touch them, no longer alive with life. As I look up all I see is trunks and sky with a sprinkle of pine needles. It’s no longer the array of green it once was. As I look around I notice how dreary the plants look. After the non stop party of Autumn, the trees have let their colorful wardrobe of leaves fall to the ground to sleep. The sun that once felt warm and comforting now feels cold as winter takes the forest into it’s grip.

         As I hear cars drive by I think about how my connection to nature has changed. I used to finish my homework early and then run around outside with my friends. I used to lie outside on a hot summers day reading or climbing trees with my friends. But as my life changed, I changed with it. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or if it’s because I just don’t see my friends very much anymore, but now I’m rarely outside playing.

         It’s easier to find me inside now, reclused in my room watching stupid YouTube videos. I wish I could go back to the way I once was, and I hope that with the new year I can try to go back to that. I’m trying to think of this as my winter. I am in hibernation like the plants that once filled my sit spot. When the sun comes back out in the spring, I will try to be more connected to nature. I will try to go outside with a book more often just to feel how soft the grass is and how the warm sun touches my back. I won’t ever go back to how I used to be, but that’s okay, I can try to make my life more like I want it to be.

         I look around I see a spider web hanging in balance between two barren bushes. The sunlight hits the silk in just the right way so that it glows. The spider is gone but it’s home still remains. The ants that once scurried around on the ground are missing, now hiding in the safety of their home, avoiding the sharp nips of winter. The noise that filled the forest made by bugs and other critters is gone, replaced with the sleepy, winter, stillness.