The Creek

I sit next to the calming creek that settles me inside. I ponder the concept of water. Water, the necessity of all life. All the trees around me have the water they need to grow taller and taller every day. I have my lifetimes supply of water right in front of me.

I sit here and think, what a lovely thing water is.  This flowing body of water next to me seems very small but it will lead so many other places maybe farther than I will ever go in my life. When I take a sip it cools my body and leaves me feeling rejuvenated. This wonderful thing that makes all living things feel awake.

I sit here and think, about all the people who don’t have access to clean water. Some people have never felt the refreshing feeling of clean water trickling throughout their body. Water, it serves multiple purposes such as basic hygiene, sanitation, and drinking. To think about all the people in the world who don’t have access to these things, And I take it for granted, thinking it will always be right in front of me.

I sit here and think. How will this problem change as more people enter this world? Will we ever run out of this beautiful thing that refreshes my body? I sit here and think.