The Future of Life

A forest alive with creatures some big, some small, all together as one. Together they play; together they stay. This may not last for much longer. For all living things need oxygen and water. Human destruction is on the rise, poisoning the water and making Co2 rise. In nature, you hear the birds and the bees, but with black asphalt roads twisting at every turn, will the birds and the bees continue their song? A constant progression of cars, like wildebeests on migration, makes Co2 rise. In nature, you see the fish in the ocean, but oil tankers blacken the oceans, killing millions of fish. Will the food chain die? Will life in the ocean become a legend? Will all life on this world be gone? Humans need to stop their destruction. Humans need to invest in the forest and invest in the ocean, so that all creatures, some big, some small, can continue to live, all together as one.