The Light Touch of Winter

The light touch of snow kisses my cheek reminding me that I am special. The lonely feeling inside of me is taken away by the tenderness of the snow. Although my surroundings are so beautiful, I can’t help but remember that I am alone. My soul sinks into the frosted hard ground.

The trees once vibrant leaves cling to the trunk hoping to stay just a while longer in the same way I cling to my past. This winter, I am trying to remember the past only as good times instead of feeling sad that they are over. Like the tree, new leaves and new memories will grow with warmer weather. The winter is my turning point. A time for me to regroup and hibernate with the bears.

Winter is my friend. I welcome it in to sit by the fire and warm its toes. We drink tea together and remember the good times we’ve had and the many more to come. I am no longer alone, for winter’s chill will always warm my heart.