The Pure Epicness Of Nature - By Angus

Nature is an incredible thing, it can create, destroy, inspire, and change constantly, often all at the same time. Ever since the dawn of mankind, nature has helped (and prevented us) on the path of life. Take the Black Plague for example, it set mankind back hundreds of years in technology and population. It also made people realize why sanitation, doctors, and medicine are all so important. But, because nature is so important, we have to take care of nature just like it takes care of us. If we don't we will surely cease to exist. One of the most simple examples of that theory is trees. If we don't take care of trees, and vegetation then there will no longer be oxygen which we need to breathe and survive. Nature is one of the strongest forces in the world. If we don't take care of it, it may turn its back on us.


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