The Questions

I sat in nature and thought about it’s wonders; then I made a call to action to save them. I decided that I would ask you and see what you can do? I made a poem using who, what, where, when and why. We have been learning about hunger, water security, global warming and being a global citizen.  How can you help? How can you tell others to help? How can you be a citizen in the big world we live in?


Spring is beautiful,

     SO WHAT,

    if its not there?

Who is going to help?

What happens when we kill all new growth on our planet?

Where will we go when we can’t live on earth?

When will children be told stories about seasons and snow

And the beauty of a newly sprouting tree?

Why do we say we are helping but nothing is getting better?

Our world is in a lot of trouble and we need to… well, you tell me.