When I Was Little

When I Was Little By Naomi

I grew up being a “hippie” child. So most of the time I was outside or playing lions over at my friend’s house. When I was little the coolest thing I had was the sonic the hedgehog video game that my dad let me play on his game system. Otherwise I spent most of my time out picking blackberries and blueberries. I was helping my mom out in the garden playing with the dragon snaps and wondering when the peaches will be ready.  When it snowed as always my sister and I were out in the snow playing and see which one us could make the biggest snowball. I were lucky because in Boone there was A LOT of snow.  I would get down on my hands and feet and make snow tunnels throughout my yard. When it rained my sister had to run down to close the basement so it wouldn't overflow. Those are the days I miss, always playing silly games and making strange “potions” out of berries and leaves i found in my yard because I swore that I was a wizard.


I have no idea what happened. I was over at my cousins and we were playing soccer. Then she got bored and right there in the middle of the lawn she pulled out the iPhone and started playing a game. That’s when it hit me. Kids these days. When I was their age i voluntarily went and played outside. Now some kid’s moms have to force the kid out to play. What right did I have blaming kids these day when I was one of them?  For Christmas last year I got a iPad. Without evening knowing I got farther and farther away from my real home. Nature. The wall between me and my happiest days was my iPad.


Just a month ago I realized this. All of these iPhone, IPad, IPod, Mac laptops. Instead of kids going outside to pick apples, now they are going inside to pick out apple products. Some kids can't help it. They were born in this world runned by robots, and only some kids can break the wall between the screens and the real world. This is the year where I want to have that connection with nature like i did when i was little. Climb trees, build forts out of sticks. Go on hikes every weekend and just be in nature. I’m not going to be young forever and time flies. So why wait?