Winter and Me

I love nature, I love how it is its own home. Nature in some ways is just like me. When winter comes nature sleeps and when spring rises its a new day.  To prepare for the winter the trees leaves fall on to the ground coating the tree as a blanket. While I bundle up before I walk out in the cold. winter is natures night, sometimes when I walk out sideI can almost hear the trees snoring. Allthough trees dont have hot coco. Natures home is the world, my home is my house. Sum poeple live like nature, they dont have any man made bildings as thier home, they live everywere just like nature. These are the homeless. It almost makes me feel bad for them, that they have to live out in the cold and have the ground as their beb. But at the same time they are the closest to nature and the real world. I love camping because that is the time were I am the closest to the wilderness, and if I am there for a good amount of time it starts to feel like home. Dearing the winter it is like nature is gitting ready to start over, have a new beganing, a freash start. Just like how I will, because with every new day there is anouther opertunit