Wonders, A Poem by Malina

The crisp, cool, fall air makes the season ever more beautiful.
The bark of a tree is rough to the touch and soft to the heart.
Moss clings to the trees,
Wondering if letting go will harm its beauty in any way.
The crack of a tree branch cracks the peace.
Small but powerful,
Just like words,
Climb the never ending tree trunk,
Leading toward the sky.
The sky is the limit.
An insect long and skinny,
Brown and white,
Cautiously climbs down the trunk of a young sapling.
The trees dance together gracefully as the leaves watch the ballet of the branches.
The sound of the birds as the symphony.
The Earth is wise,
The Earth is beautiful,
The Earth is kind.
Everything wanted for a lover,
Earth is everybody’s lover.
Outside of the forest,
People leave garbage.
People burn fossil fuels.
The Earth loves humans,
Do humans love the Earth?
Author’s Note:
I chose to write poetry because I really connect with nature in a poetic way. I just feel relaxed and the metaphors and the personification just flows through my brain. Writing poetry is a strength of mine and I really enjoy it. My purpose for writing a poetry piece is to reflect on my thoughts and feelings and also persuade my wonderful readers to keep nature beautiful. Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy!