Habits of Scholars


    I can be accountable for my choices.


    I can show regard for others.



    I can produce high quality work.


    I can make choices that are helpful to me.

December---Effort of Mind and Body

    I can show determination and hard work


    I can work well with others


February---Curiosity and Courage

    I wonder and have the courage to take risks



    I can work through a challenge


April ---Compassion and Gratitude

    I can desire to help others and can show appreciation


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Crew - See Below

EC at Evergreen

PAL at Evergreen


The Evergreen Crew Program

Crew Composition: A Crew is a group of 8 to 12 students and a staff Crew Leader, who is a lead, associate, enrichment or specialist teacher. Each grade level is grouped into four distinct Crews which meet once a week for 45 min’s to 1 hour.

Program Purpose: The Evergreen Crew program fosters the development of the whole child and a culture of compassion, service, trust and responsibility by focusing on the development of social and emotional life skills. These skills help equip our students with creativity, confidence, and resilience needed to compose successful, satisfying, healthy lives. We seek, through Crew, to develop greater connections to ourselves, Evergreen, our families, our local and global communities and our natural world.

The Crew program has three main purposes:

  1. Development of Social and Emotional Life skills

  2. Nurturing secure supportive peer relationships

  3. Strengthening trusting supportive relationships with school adults

Crew Curriculum:

Crew themes are based upon North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Health and Guidance, the Evergreen Personal Development Curriculum, as well as integration of Expeditionary Learning Design Principles and Expedition themes. Crew often also becomes the venue for personally exploring emerging classroom, school or larger community issues.

Crew activities:

Crew activities are as diverse as the Crew Leaders and Crew-members, with Leaders approaching the program purposes through use of expressive arts, teambuilding and problem-solving initiatives, literature, games, physical and outdoor activity. Many Crews develop a year long service learning project.

Middle School Crews:

While 6-8th grade Crews are still rooted in the program’s purposes, they are without a curriculum, and have more freedom to develop based on the personalities of the kids and Crew Leaders. In 7th and 8th grade, Crews are based on interests and themes, and students have some choice in Crew selection. Crews may be single grade or combined 7th and 8th grade. Crews have included themes such as cooking and gardening, radio production, filmmaking, physical fitness and poetry.

Crew Coordinator:

The Crew Program is coordinated by Kriya Lendzion who is also our Middle school Guidance Counselor.


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