ellen begley

Nominated by Katie Hanning

When was this person born?

In the '60s or '70s.

Why is this person a hero to you?

Ellen Begley works at the Black Mountain Counseling Center in Black Mountain, a non-profit mental health organization in the Swannanoa Valley that works with clients who have financial difficulties or are uninsured/underinsured. 

The services that Ellen provides in our community is essential for the mental health of our community members. Ellen strives to ensure that money is not a road block for receiving care. Ellen works with children in a manner that is full of compassion, is empowering to the child, and provides the child with tools to be a happier individual. Ellen's mission to provides this for the entire community is one that I have repetitively known to make a great difference in a family and their child's mental health.

Is there anything else we should know about your nominee?

Ellen has a wonderful older dog that will sometimes be in her office during her sessions with her children. I believe the dog is blind at this point in it's life. a sweet dog. Ellen is community minded and supportive of strengthening the mind, body and spirit of our community. Ellen has worked in school's before as a counselor/therapist with students. Ellen is great resource for behavioral challenges and helping adults understand how to support children.