Who are the Heroes of Asheville?

A hero is someone who uses mind, body, and spirit to bring positive change to their community.

Heroes exist in all walks of life:  political leaders, artists, scientists, advocates of social justice, athletes, entrepreneurs, cultural leaders, naturalists, educators, spiritual leaders, and more.

Expedition overview

When we return from winter break, we embark on a new expedition that builds on our Superheroes study by investigating what it means to be a real-life hero. We study geography to place Asheville on Earth, and take a walk downtown through Asheville's history to discover some of the people and places that have shaped the community we call home. Each student chooses one local hero to interview in order to learn how that person has helped to make Asheville a better place; we honor our heroes through biographical reports, poetry, monuments, and portraits at a community event called Heroes' Night.

Guiding Questions

1. How does the study of geography help us understand our community?

2. What is the difference between a hero and a celebrity?

3. Who are some of the people that have used their bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits to make Asheville a better place?

4. How can we honor, celebrate, and a share our knowledge of local heroes and history as a gift to our community?


In Our Portfolio

  • Asheville Timeline

  • Biographical Sketch

  • Hero Poem

  • Hero Portrait

  • Monument


What I Came to Tell You by Tommy Hays; biographies, including Martin Luther King, Jr., Temple Grandin, Amelia Earhart, Henry David Thoreau, and student selected.