jeff levi

Nominated by Aimee Levi

When and where was this person born?

River Falls, WI, 1971

Why is this person a hero to you?

Jeff is an environmental biologist and botanist and works very hard to protect our environment.  He is a consultant that shows developers where they can and cannot build while protecting streams, wetlands, endangered plants and animals.  He has also worked with land conservation groups helping them with water quality testing and botanical inventories that help them secure grants to preserve wild areas.  He knows that development will happen but if we manage it correctly we can limit the impact that it has on the beauty of our area.  He has even become certified to identify bats to help protect those impacted by white nose syndrome.

Do you know any stories about this person's childhood?

Jeff grew up in Wisconsin where snowmobiles were commonly ridden by kids.  They even have tiny little traffic signs by the sides of the roads to make it safer.  He was not the athlete type in school but found his niche by playing guitar, singing and being an artist.

Is there anything else we should know about your nominee?

He has been doing this work for 20 years and is respected by all of the Federal and State agencies that he works with.