kim roney

Nominated by Marin Leroy


When and where was this person born?

1976 or '77 in Virginia.

Why is this person a hero to you?

Kim is a piano teacher extraordinaire. She is a dedicated community member, committed to free and open speech, public transportation, art, and community empowerment.  She brings her skills and passion to all that she does - starting free radio 103.3, serving on the transportation committee of the city council, volunteering, and teaching.  

Do you know any stories about this person's childhood?

Kim has many brothers and sisters and came from a family where everyone had to pitch in and help.

Is there anything else we should know about your nominee?

Kim has been car free for three years to reduce her impact on the environment.  This choice has also allowed her to more fully understand the issues facing members of our community who use public transportation and advocate for them.