At Evergreen, a general music class is provided for K-8th graders. Younger grades go to a 40-minute music class once a week, while 5th-8th grade have music once per week for just one trimester out of the school year. Check the current trimester’s schedule to see when your child’s class has music enrichment.

At the elementary level, every class strives to involve singing, listening, moving and playing instruments in a non-competitive, inclusive atmosphere. We explore music from many different cultures as well as the musical roots of our own American culture. Middle school music enrichment classes focus on a more project-based approach to study music history and a variety of genres.

All music curriculum at Evergreen is designed and based on the state and national standards for music education, and approached through the lens of Evergreen Community Charter School’s Expeditionary Learning model. To learn more about these state and national standards or Expeditionary Learning, check out the links below.