Thank you to:

  • All of our parents and kids for an awesome first day of school!

  • All of our parents for our breakfast potluck dishes!

  • Amanda Berry for bringing us paper towels and baggies!

    Please remember to log your hours in the office. You are all helpful in so many ways, so please let us know if we forgot to add your name to the list.

Volunteer Schedule

Please contact Ms. Cathe or Ms. Brittany if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions. We especially need help during our Skills Block times!

Morning Helpers (8:15-8:45 AM)

  • Monday: Heather D’Antonio

  • Tuesday: David Berry

  • Wednesday: Christie Posner

  • Thursday: Andy Runkle

  • Friday: Amy Milliken

Math Workshop Helpers (8:50-9:35 AM)

  • Tuesday: Need a volunteer

  • Wednesday: Need a volunteer

  • Thursday: Melissa Jett

  • Friday: Need a volunteer

Skills Block Helpers (10:00-11:00 AM)

  • Tuesday-

  • Wednesday-

  • Thursday-

  • Friday-

Class Photos

Wish List:

  • Bag of pretzels for back up snack

  • Non-antibacterial foaming hand soap refills

  • New curtain rods (one extra long to go across supply shelves, and one long to go over cubby area where teacher books are)

  • New curtains for shelves (need to be fire retardant material of not fabric)

  • Sand for our sand table

Share Day Schedule

  • Monday- Ami, Atticus, August, Bella

  • Tuesday- Carolina, Fiona, Fletcher, Graham, Harper

  • Wednesday- Heidi, Irie, Jonah, Kayam, Kingston

  • Thursday- Nan, Oliver, Paxton, River, Theo

  • Friday- Tucker, Ursula, Westley

Enrichment Helpers (1:45-2:30 PM)

  • Tuesday (Adventure/Library/Music): Noelle Kreeger, Need one more volunteer

  • Wednesday (PE): Tabita Core, Need one more volunteer

  • Thursday (Music/EE): Noelle Kreeger, Need one more volunteer

  • Friday (Art): Heather D’Antonio, Noelle Kreeger

Afternoon Helpers (2:30-2:50 PM)

  • Tuesday: Noelle Kreeger

  • Wednesday: Need a volunteer

  • Thursday: Noelle Kreeger

  • Friday: Katie McGee/Noelle Kreeger

Plant Care Taker: Kati Swinney
Dish Washers: Katie McGee, Kati Swinney, Charles Jett
At-Home Laundry Helpers: Jay Frazier, DeAnn Albrecht, Kati Swinney, Sarah Dickson
At-Home Project Helpers: Nichole Frazier, DeAnn Albrecht, Rachel Ansari, Katie McGee, Sarah Dickson

Compost: Sarah Dickson

Classroom Coordinators

Name (Child’s name) | Point Person: (Email)
Name (Child’s name):  (email)

Our Classroom Norms

We brainstormed and created our classroom norms.