Thank you to:

  • all of our parents for ALL of your help this school year! We have been so fortunate to have each of you volunteer your time and efforts to help our class in anyway that you could! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Please remember to log your hours in the office. You are all helpful in so many ways, so please let us know if we forgot to add your name to the list.

Volunteer Schedule

Please contact Ms. Cathe or Ms. Brittany if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions. We especially need help during our Skills Block times!

Morning Helpers (8:15-8:45 AM)

  • Monday: Erin Frazier

  • Tuesday: Lillian Haddas

  • Wednesday: Debbie Byers

  • Thursday: Tara Theodossis

  • Friday: Jennifer English

Math Workshop Helpers (8:50-9:35 AM)

  • Tuesday: Paul (Evergreen academic support specialist)

  • Wednesday: Debbie Tracy

  • Thursday:

  • Friday: Faith Doyle

Skills Block Helpers (10:00-11:00 AM)

  • Tuesday- 8th grade helpers

  • Wednesday-8th grade helpers

  • Thursday- Paul

  • Friday- Paul


Class Photos

Wish List:

Share Day Schedule

  • Monday- Alton, Ama, Arabel, Rory

  • Tuesday- Braelyn, Camila, Charlie, Ellarie, Henry

  • Wednesday- Jack, James, Joyce, Jude

  • Thursday- Lily, Mia, Milo, Neva, Noah

  • Friday- Rowan, Sam, Silas, Tudor

Enrichment Helpers (1:45-2:30 PM)

  • Tuesday: Matt Koloski, Erin Frazier

  • Wednesday: Dan Pederson

  • Thursday: Stacey Pederson, Erin Frazier

  • Friday: Megan or Henry Padilla, Beth Keefaver

Afternoon Helpers (2:30-2:50 PM)

  • Tuesday: Erin Frazier, Laura Burke, Angela Mackie

  • Wednesday: Dan Pederson, Karina Byers

  • Thursday: Erin Frazier, Stacey Pederson

  • Friday: Megan or Henry Padilla, Karina Byers

Plant Care Taker: Ben Mackie
Dish Washers: Lauren Couch, Krystal Hollis and Graham Hassell, Karina Byers
At-Home Laundry Helpers: Brittany Horrell, Christian Hagendorf, Mike Kovitch, Kristin Ropper, Lindsay Diehl, and Allie Edens
At-Home Project Helpers: Zac Altheimer, Lauren Couch, Laura Burke, Jennifer English, Lindsay Diehl

Classroom Coordinators

Erin Frazier (Ellarie) | Point Person:
Lauren Couch (James):
Laura Burke (Ama):

Our Classroom Norms

We brainstormed and created our classroom norms.