We're keeping tabs on what's going on in our solar system and beyond by checking out the updates on NASA's blogs (there are a bunch of them). Get the latest on what's happening in space here


Our December mini-expedition takes us beyond the confines of Earth to explore our Sun and Solar System. We research, write about, and create watercolor paintings of planets and other celestial objects. We spend time stargazing and learning about constellations and the stories told about them in various cultures. There are some excellent fieldwork opportunities during this expedition, including the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute and the Astronomy Department of UNCA.

Guiding Questions

1. How do the Sun, Earth, and moon move in relation to each other? 

2. How are the planets of our solar system alike or different from each other?

3. How big is space?


In our portfolio

  • Astronomy Research Poster
  • Moon Phase Assessment