In the spring, we take a close-up look at how plants grow and reproduce and explore the plant communities that surround us. Through experimentation, service projects, note-taking, journaling, sketching, poetry, and lots of time spent outside,  we investigate plants and their place in the world and delve into our own sense of stewardship and relationship to the natural world.


1.     How do plants help humans and other living beings?

2.    What are some basic categories, parts, and systems of plants and trees?

3.    How do people in indigenous cultures relate to their plant communities?

4.    How can we be good stewards of our plant community?


in our portfolio

  • Pea Plant Experiment Booklet
  • Nature Journal
  • Beneficial Plant Poster


My Side of the Mountain, poetry, field guides, and other non-fiction selections about plants and the natural world.