Weekly Updates (with more specific info below)

~~~TOKEN CEREMONY June 8---ECCS GYM---6:30-8:00 pm

~~~TOKEN CEREMONY June 8---ECCS GYM---6:30-8:00 pm

~~~TOKEN CEREMONY June 8---ECCS GYM---6:30-8:00 pm

~~~EOG Testing May 27 (Math) and May 31 (Reading)

~~~Word up from Kriya

~~~ECCS   ISO   EOG Proctors

~~~Last bags of  COFFEE for sale!!!

~~~World Travel next summer


The first ever Token Ceremony (only for 6th graders and their families) will happen on June 8 in the ECCS gym from 6:30-8:00 pm.  What is this "Token Ceremony" you ask? You'll have to come and find out.

There will be lights, cameras, and action in a way you haven't experienced ever before.  All we will say is that you'll be glad you came and disappointed if you miss it.  This will serve in place of Commondations this year. 


If you don't know about this, now you do! Please include a mention in your weekly parent correspondence.


Dear Evergreen Community, 

It's that time of year again to help proctor the EOG tests! 

What's that you say? 

"When is our EOG window?" 

May 31 - June 9

"How can I help?" 

Sign up HERE to proctor! 

"What's a proctor?" 

It's a watchful set of additional eyes during the EOG tests. The state law requires that we have proctors in our test settings, and we have many test settings. Proctors are usually here from 8:30 (prompt) until approximately 12:00. 

A proctor's job is to be in the test session(s), help to assure the rules and ethics of state testing are followed, and to be attentive. It's a very simple volunteer opportunity. 

You can volunteer regardless of your student's grade! Grandparents can proctor! Your friends and neighbors can help too! 

Please sign up on the volunteer form, include your email address, and commit to the time you've signed up for. Don't forget to log your volunteer hours in the front office! 

Many thanks, 



Let's collect those pledges.


The awesome Kelley Johnson, PhD is doing her well-known "Girls Growing Up Strong" workshop for "girls on the cusp of or at the beginning of puberty" May 28 & 29, 1-4:30 at Women's Wellness and Education Center @ 24 Arlington St. Cost is $125. The workshop covers topics from our Health classes on puberty, healthy relationships, and self-respect in much greater depth. TO register or ask questions, contact Kelley at 301-4460 or


Last week we began learning about alcohol in Teen Scene by playing "Looze the Booze" game-show style. These are the following main points that are being covered - please ask and talk about these some more at home!

  • Alcohol is a "depressant," meaning it slows down the central nervous system (all functions of the brain and body), including thought processes (such as good judgment and decision-making) and messaging from the brain to the body.
  • You can cause damage to your brain from binge drinking, and even die. While there is little harm shown in having 1-2 drinks over a couple hours for adults, even regularly, feeling "drunk" actually means that the body isn't able to metabolize/break down alcohol in healthy ways and it's starting to have potentially poisonous effects on the body as it slows down/numbs parts of the brain and central nervous system. Therefore trying to out-drink others and drink large amounts for bragging rights is dangerous (and just straight-up dumb). About 4,300 teens and tweens die from alcohol poisoning a year.
  • "Passing out" isn't sleeping and isn't normal or funny, it's dangerous - it means the brain and body are shutting down, and is a step away from a coma. If someone doesn't wake up when you smack and shake them around, prop them on their side (so they throw up away from their body vs choke on it) and get help.
  • Tween/teen brains are wired for addiction (see more below re: addictive "screening"), and what sets off pleasure chemicals now wires lasting brain connections and default habits and cravings that are hard to unwire later. Consuming alcohol - or any substance - at this age makes them about 8 times more likely to develop problem drinking or alcoholism. The younger someone starts, the worse the problems tend to become.
  • People who get addicted to alcohol do a lot of damage to their bodies, lives, and other people.
  • People with alcoholism in their close family - any addiction actually - are much more likely to develop a problem themselves. These kids (boys in particular) should definitely be putting off drinking as long as possible until brains are mostly developed at 21, and will have to be extra conscious of being responsible and aware of their drinking if they choose to.
  • You also help prevent yourself from becoming a problem drinker/substance user (or addict to anything) by making sure to develop 1001 ways to healthily cope with stress and difficult feelings, have fun and entertain yourself, form connections with other people, and feel good about yourself.


We had a great showing to our screening and discussion of Screenagers last Thursday. The issue of healthy screen use is definitely something that Kevin and I are both dedicated to partnering on to giving more student and parent education to next year.

Bottom line is this: adolescents are WIRED for addictive relationships to behaviors and substances and what they do RIGHT NOW with their brains hard-wires itself as their default setting for how they cope with stressors, experience “highs,”  find belonging, and feel good about themselves. This is due to the dip in dopamine which causes a craving for exciting experiences, an increase in stress and reproductive hormones that can create overwhelming emotional states, and because what fires wires in their brains right now, and what isn’t used prunes itself away over the next several years. So basically anything that sparks their dopamine is at risk for excessiveness if we don’t guide their developing balance. Technology can have wonderful life-enhancing roles for our kids, but this requires very conscious guidance on all our parts.

A few resources for more info on helping to navigate this increasingly tricky topic.

Various Tween/technology topics:


Creating “irules”:


Parental Controls:


Screening for problematic internet use:


Evergreen’s EMBE Marimba Band is closing out the year with a spring tour. 

Come see them play!  Come hear them sing and see them dance!  This year’s group is made up of very talented performers and will be making a CD (EMBE’s 5th) as a final product.

TOKEN CEREMONY June 8---ECCS GYM---6:30-8:00 pmMay 26 – WLOS Teacher Appreciation Dinner at Biltmore Park Hilton Hotel

June 4 –Saturday - 6:00- 8:00- CD Release Party/Concert/Alumni Reunion

at Evergreen in the music room/ gym.  Food will be available.

Please share this email with anyone you think would be interested.

For more information contact Sue Ford – sue.ford@evergreenccs.org


Introducing...our first GSA!

We are starting our very first Gay-Straight Alliance at Evergreen by student request and with full staff support! More and more of our Middle Schoolers are feeling safe enough to express and identify themselves in ways that feel right for them in terms of their gender and sexual orientation. While Evergreen provides a generally accepting environment, students have requested a regular supportive social gathering. This will not be a therapy group, but an opportunity to come together with kids who they feel some particular safety with to socialize and talk about the joys and challenges that they experience as a result of "being outside the expected box." I will serve as the group's Advisor, providing presence and very general guidance at all meetings. As the founding members, current students will be talking more about the purpose, format and logistic of the group, looking forward to next fall. The gathering will be open to all students who identify as LGBTQ+ and supportive "straight" allies. 


Along with the end of the trimester, it is also the end of 6th grade MAIN Expedition.

MAIN was about students trying to do it on their own, creating systems and changing systems, speaking out about what they wanted from the teachers and their peers.    

 Begininning next Monday, 6th grade students will officially be on FINAL Expedition.  What this means is that they will be expected to uphold their Class Constitution consistently, regulate the systems that they created, and earn the rewards that they want.  

As far as the teachers go, expectations will be higher and students should expect swift consequences.  This has been clearly explained several times and therefore should not be a suprise to any student. 

Please do not hesitate to ask questions or join us for a morning meeting any time.

Coffee Coffee Coffee!!!!

Fresh medium blends are available for purchase for $12.  We have whole bean Evergreen Blend, Guatemalan, and Decaf available in the classroom (we can grind it for you, too).  All profits go toward our end of year trip to Earthshine.  Great to sell at your work or for gifts.

Hello Wonderful Teachers,

Would you mind adding the information below about our parent meeting for international travel next year? Thanks!


Come learn about an exciting, 11 day travel opportunity to experience the natural beauty, history, and culture of Ireland, Scotland, and England!

Laura, Jason, and Fynn will be taking students to the British Isles during the summer of 2017. Highlights include Blarney Castle, The London Eye, and the Lakes of Scotland.

We will be holding a meeting for interested parents in Jason's classroom on June 2nd at 5:30. Learn about the itinerary and how to sign up at the meeting.

If you cannot attend the meeting but would like more information, email Jason at jason.carter@evergreenccs.org.



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