A Day in the Life of the Green Team

Morning Meeting: This is our time each morning from 8:30-9:00 to discuss the plan for the day, upcoming events, student issues,etc.

A walk through the day:  We walked through a typical school day (over the course of about 30 minutes) and laid out the expectations we have for transitions, core classes, preparedness and clean up.

Collages and Constitution: The students had time to complete their name collage and the Constitution Team took time to work on their sections of the Constitution.

Green Team:  Marin, our Environmental Education teacher, came and discussed what it means to be the Green team and what our responsibilities are.  We divided into recycling/terracycling groups and completed our first Green Team operation.A

Kinderbuddies: Sixth graders spend the last 30 minutes of each Monday afternoon reading with their kinderbuddy.