April 7-April 15

April 15---Grandparent’s Day

April 14---Leadership Support

In looking at yesterday’s tally count of 17, we needed to revisit how the class got the that point and why.  It came down to support.  If there’s a leader that is not being supported, then tallies accrue.  If that leader doesn’t feel supported, they don’t feel confident, and tallies accrue.  If that leader is not respected, then tallies accrue.  Some good feedback was offered in regards to what a leader needs to be in order to be effective, what they need in order to feel supported, and what needs to happen if the designated leader is someone that you don’t agree with or respect.  

The big piece is :SUPPORT.  

April 13---Boosterthon Name Selections

The kids voted on homeroom Boosterthon names.

Jeff: Gramer Poleese (Grammar Police)

Marni: Better Than You

April 11---Downtown Planet Plaque Delivery Trip

We took the planet plaques downtown today and delivered them to 10 local businesses.  They will be up for the next month.