Feb. 8-9

February 9---5 Minute Bios and Rainforest Letters

We did some 5 Minute Bios and then listened to Marni read the letter we received back from the Rainforest Alliance regarding the students’ coffee plantation designs. We were curious about if and how the students wanted to respond to the letter.  The discussion revolved around the feedback that they did not receive (but were under the impression that they would receive).  There were differing views on what was expected and if those expectations were met by the Rainforest Alliance.  This will be continued tomorrow.  



February 8---Community Circle & Curiosity, Courage, and Leadership

The first Community Circle of 2016 was held this morning with a focus on MLK Jr. and his importance in the Civil Rights Movement.  Afterwards, we did a writing activity that asked the students to write about a time when someone they know showed courage at home, in their community and/or at school.  We shared out some of these examples (standing up for a friend, taking the lead on a class issue, trying something new) and then asked the students if they thought any of those examples showed weakness. It led to an interesting discussion about perspective.  Ultimately, the students voiced that even if someone tried something new and ‘failed’, stood up for someone else and got ‘blown off’, or tried to lead and wasn’t followed, then they were still courageous because they took the chance.  There will always be people that stand around and make fun of those that try and ‘fail’, or call an idea stupid, or laugh at someone speaking up, but we encouraged the students to recognize that those are the people that aren’t being courageous and are really the ones that are the most scared of trying.  


During crew, we followed up with a leadership activity in which students placed themselves along a continuum based on leadership descriptions.  When all was said and done, each students was in one of four quadrants: Driver, Analyst/Architect, Relationship Master, or Spontaneous Motivator.  We described how each type of leader tends to lead, how they are important to have in a group, and areas to be aware of in respect to their style.  Students were allowed to relocate themselves based on the descriptions and were also asked if they would place their peers in another quadrant (based on their experiences with that person).


Below is a link to the activity: