February 10-22

February 22---Job Rotation and Weekly Planning

We switched the class jobs and assigned homework for the week. We have new Accountants (2) and Que Tiempos (2) to take care of student accountability and timekeeping.

February 19---FMB’s

February 18--Rumors and Dancing

This morning’s focus was on squashing rumors and addressing all of the pre-dance drama that has building all week. We wanted to make sure that hurt feelings were minimized and not blown out of proportion regarding who got asked and who didn’t.

February 17---Afton and Sam K. Jam Session

We had two solo performances this morning.  Afton played Drowsy Maggie on the violin and Sam played Riptide on his acoustic guitar.

February 16---Ben, Cyrus A., and Maggie Jam Session

Today we had the pleasure of listening to three of our classroom musicians.  Ben on the concertina, Cyrus on acoustic guitar, and Maggie on the fiddle.  They played a beautiful song for us and got the morning started off in G.

February 15---Two Tribes Activity

In Crew today, we did a full class activity called the Two Tribes-Cultural Differences Game

Afterwards, we discussed the reasoning behind doing an activity of this nature.  Ultimately, it’s one more way to recognize our differences as individuals, each with our own culture, experiences, views and opinions. Unfortunately (and as usual), we ran short on time and did not get to the depth that we’d hoped.  However, it was fun, entertaining, and a reference point for future conversations.

*If you would like to read a desription of the activity, visit the Google document shared with you at the beginning of the year titled Day By Day.

February 12---FMB’s

February 11---Farewell to Zoe B. and FMB’s (FIve Minute Bios)

This morning we did FMB’s and to close the day, we said farewell to Zoe B., who will be leaving ECCS to homeschool.  The students spent the last part of the day sharing thoughts, sending best wishes, and telling stories about Zoe.  We are wishing her all the best and she is always welcomed back to her ECCS family.

February 10--Pencils and 5 Minute Bios

Along with local, organic food, we are hypothesizing that students also eat pencils.  This theory is based on the unprecedented consumption of said pencils.  We have provided over 400 pencils this year and they have all disappeared.  So, students were informed that they can purchase a brand new pencil for .25 cents.  The money will be used to purchase more pencils to replace the ones that get eaten.*

*eaten has been used as a metaphorical term that includes but is not limited to: lost, broken, misplaced., oversharpened, in a binder, etc.