January 11---Can I get some Feedback?


We spent time this morning getting feedback about the systems that were designed and implemented last week.  Overall, students felt that things went really well.  They discussed the checklist for transition (which is located in front of each room on a clipboard) and specifically the final piece of having a quiet line before transitioning.  The solution they agreed upon was for the person with the clipboard to do a Call & Response when all other tasks were completed.  This would allow for the ever so valuable socializing time and only a short amount of time standing quietly.


Systems systems systems.  Is it too much? Lines, checklists, etc.  

No, it’s not too much.  It’s what they’re ready for and what has led to them being able to voice their wants, have a say in how things are run, make decisions on their own, and see that they can change things (including themselves).  If you ever want to join us for a Morning Meeting, you are always welcome.