January 5---Happy New Year & Gratitude

Welcome back and Happy New Year!  So to start things off, we went around the room and listened to what each student and teacher was grateful for this holiday season. We asked them to be genuine and avoid silliness like, “I’m grateful for my video games.”  We heard a lot of responses that involved being grateful for friends and family, having good food and a roof over head, seeing family members that they usually don’t get to see and doing activities that they don’t usually get to do.  It was beautiful insight into true appreciations and recognizing what’s really important.


After that, we revisited The Dash, which is a poem that focuses on what happens during periods of time.  Earlier (September 11 to be precise) this year, the students created a list of how they wanted their 2015-2016 to be remembered.  We pulled up the list on the overhead and students spoke to which words already defined their 6th grade year. We heard: magical, swaggalicious, sparkling, really nice, challenging, time flies, fun, crunchy, mellow, new friends, different, and better.


Ultimately, the students were reminded that they are the ones who are creating the year they desire and we as the teachers are simply making the space for them to create it.