January 8---Can I get a Hand?


Yesterday, students approached the teachers about an issue they were facing and asked if it could be addressed in Morning Meeting.  “Of course!” we said.  The issue is that several students are consistently doing the cleaning after class (sweeping, table wiping, picking up, organizing supplies, etc.) and it’s not fair.  The meeting was led by one of these students and ideas for solutions were proposed. At one point, each students’ name was read aloud and the class was asked to simply raise their hand if they felt that the student was consistently helping to clean up.  It was a fast and silent way for students to receive feedback from their peers.  Afterwards, the students were asked to raise their hand if they agreed to cleanup after themselves AND do a little more.  We did have one student who needed to think about their response, but did verbally agree to do their part and then some.  As far as how to make sure it happened, the students liked the idea of having one person from each table (or row) serve as a captain to make sure their table group (or row) cleaned up...and then some.