Leadership Council: Let’s Solve it...No, how about the kids solve it


Thursday: The students divided up into 8 groups, each with a member of the leadership crew, to resolve yesterday’s documented issues.  They were given the instructions to discuss one of the issues from yesterday and propose solutions to that issue.  A time frame was specified and they had to turn in the given paper with all member names on it and solutions.  They had the option to vote out a member of the group if that member(s) behaved inappropriately.  To vote a member out, at least three people had to vote them out.  They had about 20 minutes to complete this task and no one was voted out of their group.  


Friday: The students continued what they started on Thursday and by the end of the meeting, all groups had several problems and solutions in writing.  These ill be discussed among the teaching team and the common proposed solutions implemented next week.