Lunch Management

*2 Linus 2

*Gear T-port 4 [ o + [] ]

*Que Tiempo



What does any of that mean you ask? $1000 if you can figure it out.

Well lemme just tell you.  Again, kids are in Main, which means more responsibility as well as more freedom to decide how things are run.  Today, the kids were divided into 5 groups with one of the above titles to systemize.  Maybe some translation would be helpful.

*Two straight lines on the ramp

*Four pieces of gear that need to travel with the students

*Time keeping

*Cleaning up the tables, benches, and shelter

*Regulation of tallies, penny collection, and consequence inventory

The student groups were given the task of coming up with a system for their topic.  They had to designate a scribe to write down their ideas, have all group members listed, and title their paper with their topic.  They could vote group members out (with a 3 or more vote) if members were off task, disruptive, or disrespectful of the process.  Each group had an alarm set for 8:55 and had to be back in the room in a quiet circle by 8:57 (they were all back in a quiet circle by 8:56 by the way). Each group was then given 45 seconds to summarize how the process went in their group.  Tomorrow, the plan is to share the ideas and ideally implement the student generated systems. 

These kids are awesome.